UHS spinners have been enhancing the nose of many different aircraft for over a 
decade. As well as adding to the appearance of your aircraft, they also aid in the 
cooling as air is directed into the cowling and, in many cases, may even enhance your 
airspeed by decreasing drag.

With over fifty patterns on file, we can produce spinners for a wide range of engine - prop configurations. Sizes range from eight to fourteen inches.
Our spinners are individually crafted from casting grade fiberglass resins, re-enforced with aircraft cloth and, if required, carbon fiber.

When we have the necessary patterns, your spinner is delivered assembled, balanced, 
and ready to paint and install on your aircraft. If we do not have the pattern for your particular application, the spinner is sent out assembled, balanced, and with easy to follow instructions for cutting the blade openings.

Look through our site to find the right spinner for your aircraft!


UHS Spinner plane UHS SPINNERS
PO Box 47
Delhi, Ontario N4B 2W8


Phone: 519-550-1311
Fax: 519-286-0495 

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